irwi99 (irwi99) wrote,

Be Careful Of What You Sign

It would seem we could not even trust petition sites anymore either. Rumours have been floating around that Yousign(dot)org, YouSignAnimals(Dot)Org are all ran by the same individual located in Romania. We did some investigative research into these rumours to make sure it was all true before we placed a warning here.
Unfortunately, we found that the rumours are not rumours it is facts.

Quoting from the Original poster-

Dear friends, i have decided to post NO MORE petitions from, and is registered on a Romanian businessman, he is NOT an animal lover. The other two sites have the same layout and there are also the same petitions posted as on These two sites are registered to an address of the company

Tags: animals, deception, petition, животные, ложь, обман, петиция

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