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Fabricated Terrorists, Chechen-Jewish Family in Moscow Is under Threat of Murder Their Son

Mansur Edilbiev, 26, a football player, who lived in Moscow all his life, was abducted by the FSB agents, tortured in a secret cell to plead guilty in attempted blow-up a luxury train; then, a staged court trial sentenced him to 16 years in high security colony. Mansur had nothing to do with the 18-year-long war in Chechnya, never took any part in hostilities, let alone terrorism, his desperate parents said to human rights activists. Mustafa Edilbiev, father, and Ziva Liron, mother, addressed their plea to Yuri Chaika, Attorney General of the Russian Federation. They also told their story to the Independent International Human Rights Group and published the facts at some Russian-language social networks and websites.

According to these sources, Mansur suddenly disappeared on July 5, 2011 on his way from home to work. The same night, at 11 p.m., some 20 policemen, heavily armed and equipped with large shields, burst into the Edilbiev-Liron apartment and for eight hours were tormenting Mustafa and Ziva asking them where Mansur is. They told the desperate parents that "Mansur ran to mountains," that looked absolutely weird. Mansur, who left from home, according to his parents' words, dressed in light T-shirt and with 100 rubles ($3) in his pocket, could in no way "run" farther than Moscow outskirts. Moreover, he never left his parents unaware of his whereabouts; they contacted each other by cell phone every two or three hours. The "interrogation" caused the elderly, not so healthy parents heart failure, almost heart attack. The "guests" left a bag with a hunter riffle which was turned into assault weapon.

Two days later, parents filed a claim about their son's disappearance with the local investigative department. On the department's official claim with the FSB, they got a completely different answer. "According to available information, Edilbiev M.M. is hiding in Moscow region area. He is suspected of committing grave crimes, including terrorism. In case of location his whereabouts, I ask to immediately report to the Investigative Directorate of the FSB." However, both claims turned to be deception.

In fact, Mansur's parents were confidentially told by some of the FSB staff that on July 5, officers of Investigative Department of the FSB detained a group of young Chechen men, including Mansur, and put them in a secret torture cell.

At a trial Mansur testified in presence of lawyers and prosecutors that he was cruelly tortured. "I was terribly beaten during my abduction to semi-conscious. Then, they tried to suffocate me. I lost conscience many times; as soon as I regained conscience they continued. Finally, I was thrown into a torture cell where moans and screams were heard day and night, sometimes they sounded almost as children's." Eventually, after his tormentors threatened to kill his parents (the executioners deceived Mansur saying that his parents were in a cell next to him), Edilbiev, in semi-conscious state, was forced to sign a statement of his guilty plea.

A week the FSB hid Mansur Edilbiev's whereabouts from his parents and only on July 11, 2011, after widespread outcry about the abduction, Mustafa and Ziva were officially informed where his son was being held. A year later, on December 11, 2012, a staged court trial was held, which dismissed all evidence about Mansur's torture and without any evidence of his participation, except his forced confession and the bag with a riffle, which has been planted in his residence, convicted him, together with three other young Chechen men, in an attempt to blow-up Sapsan, an innovative high-speed train in Moscow region. The sentence was 16 years in colony of strict regime.

"Soon our son will be taken in the worst GULAG; however, he might not reach it because he would die of his torture or be murdered," Ziva said.

This horrible case is just one episode of what now looks like the war that started on December 11, 1994 by massive invasion of Chechnya by the Russian army. This war continues ever since, taking more and more perverted shape. One of widespread tactics of the Russian FSB is fabrication of "terrorists" via abducting innocent young people and torturing them until they sign guilty plea. Instead of real reconstruction of Chechnya, Putin imposed there the regime derived from Stalin's Big Terror. Such tactic assumes abduction people at first "tip" from a neighbor or even taking them at a tiny suspicion. However, even worse is that those abducted, even mistakenly, have zero chances to defend him- (or her)self at any stage of the process. He or she is being tortured to extort "confession" in crimes that he or she never committed; sometimes crimes are invented later, after the tortured has already signed a blank sheet of paper.

Widely published cases of Zara Murtazalieva and Zubayr Zubayraev are other examples of the same pattern. Zara was planted a few grams of explosives in her bag and served 8 years in colony - for nothing. Zubayr participated in peaceful antiwar demonstrations during the escalated warfare in Chechnya; he was without any evidence convicted in "attempt at a law enforcement officer's life" and served 5 years, was tortured into disabled.

After a Chechen is convicted and sentenced, his/her sufferings do not stop during serving term. Independent human rights activists, first of all Memorial, most renown Russian HR center, reports that Chechens (and other people of Caucasus origin) are being severely discriminated and horribly tormented in Russian correctional facilities. They all are labeled "terrorists" , that presumes torture and mutilation would go unpunished.

Mansur Edilbiev case seems even worse: he is not only subject to anti-Chechen but also anti-Semitic attitudes of the correctional facilities staff. He was called derogative "kike" during his torture in the pretrial detention.

Opposition writing of his parents can also contribute to his fate. Mustafa Edilbiev is a journalist and writer. He used to work for an opposition newspaper Version; later, he wrote a tiny blog Kaf-Resurrected, almost unknown to mainstream.

"The current Russian FSB-governed regime went even further than Stalin," Ziva wrote in her official claim to Attorney General. "Stalin's police did not abduct innocent children from those who were labeled 'enemy of people', arrested and sent to GULAGs. Stalin's nowadays heirs, in contrary, are taking away children to threaten their 'enemies'. In 1998, our elder son was abducted and made disabled. Now, they are threatening to do the same with our another son, Mansur."

Sergey Magnitsky Act, recently signed by President Obama, does not include Chechens who were murdered in Russian pretrial and correctional facilities, nor does it mention Chechens who are serving their terms in hellish conditions. According to Chechen human rights activists, first of all renown Saidemin Ibragimov, who works with Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, some 20,000 Chechens are now prisoners in Russia, most of them on fabricated accusations.

Not a single mainstream media mentions Russian prisoners of Chechen origin. Neither Mansur Edilbiev, nor his parents are heard in news. Therefore, their tormentors feel free to commit any crime on them, to mutilate or even murder them, in silence.

Nadezhda Banchik
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