February 17th, 2012

Open letter to Maya Princess of Hohenzollern.


Open letter

Dear Maya Princess of Hohenzollern

My human rights have been broken by the authorities of your country – Germany (in detail - http://wickholm-irina.blogspot.com/).

The group of criminals and sadists from German authorities, under cover of “Humane” Angela Merkel and Horst Köhler, not only broken my other human rights, they also deprived me of my kitten.

Earlier, one of brutal German policemen, illegally has infringed inviolability of my dwelling, has kicked my kitten Marchello, having flung away him. Afterwards my kitten was ill for a long time because of his actions. During my repeated illegal arrest and placement me into prison, the policemen took from me my beloved pet - my kitten.

At the police station, where I was brought, the policemen refused to give me an opportunity (a sheet of paper, a pen) to write an application concerning my kitten (to whom it should be given). Mocking at me, humiliating my human dignity, the policemen told spitefully that:

a). they don't need my written application- they will not accept it at all;

b). them my opinion doesn't interest; they will solve my cat’s destiny themselves - send it in "Shelter for Animals", where it will be gelded and sold to other people and so on and so forth.

Workers of German's Prison, with all their might (by Nazi manners) tried to injure me as much as possible - to give more of pain and sufferings: have deprived me of the possibility to find out about my kitten’s fate and to make the decision myself, take any protective measures; they constantly intentionally refused to give me opportunity to make a call to "Animals orphanage", to the Head of Police of Berlin and to others - during work hours of these official organizations. Gloatingly playing with my feelings and sufferings on account of lack of any information about my beloved pet…

But my animal to me haven't returned till now …

All my statements in various law-enforcement instances remained without the answer.
Not helped me my complaints – statements to Angela Merkel and to president Horst Köhler …

Now I sent statements also: to the new president of Germany Christian Woolf, to Elmaru Brok (eurodeputy), to Gido Vestervelle (the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany), to Markusu Lyoning (the representative under human rights of the government of Germany), to Zabine Lojthojsser-Shnarrenberger (the Minister of Justice of Germany), to Mariluize Bek (the foreign policy expert of fraction of Green Party, the committee-man the PACE on legal issues and human rights) and to many other …

But I haven't any answers till now - the German authorities of the highest level impudently ignore my statements and thereby perpetrate crime!

Dear Maya Princess of Hohenzollen!

I ask You To actuate all the mechanisms of international defense in the sphere of human rights and animals protection, for exerting pressure upon the officials, who violate human rights and don`t observe international standards.

I ask You to address with the corresponding statement to the persons specified above: to Angela Merkel, Horstu Keller, Christian Woolf, Elmaru Brok, Gido Vestervelle, Markusu Lyonining, Zabine Lojthojsser-Shnarrenberger, Mariluize Bek, etc. concerning this egregious example of infringements of human rights and of animals rights.

I ask You to help to return me my animal – a cat.

Dear international public! I ask all readers to support this my statement concerning return to me of my cat, restore justice and punishment guilty …

Yours faithfully and hope of support.
Wickholm Irina
PS. Dear Princess Maya!
I placed this is my open letter to You and to the international public on Your page in facebook.com(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maja-Prinzessin-von-Hohenzollern/127951037266414) 17.02.2012 in German and in Russian. But for some reason it was removed. Maybe there was some mistake? Hopefully, You are not intentionally removed it - by accident, and not because you do not want to help me with my problem with the blatant lawlessness of the authorities of your country - Germany (not from behind of double standards) ... Therefore, I am sending You this open letter to e-mail addresses which found from Your pages of facebook.com.
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PS. Уважаемая принцесса Майя!

Я размещала это моё открытое письмо для Вас и для международной общественности на Вашей странице в facebook.com (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maja-Prinzessin-von-Hohenzollern/127951037266414) 17.02.2012г. на немецком языке и на русском языке (в укороченном варианте со ссылкой на страницу LJ, где оно размещено полностью) - http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=302020796526103&id=127951037266414 и http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=302023846525798&id=127951037266414
Но оно почему-то оказалось удалённым. Может быть произошла какая-то ошибка? Хочется верить, что Вы его удалили не намеренно - случайно, а не из-за того, что не хотите помочь мне в моей проблеме, связанной с вопиющим беспределом властей Вашей родины - Германии (не из-за двойных стандартов)… Поэтому я посылаю Вам это открытое письмо повторно по е-маил адресам, найденным в ссылках Вашй страницы с facebook.com.

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