July 12th, 2014

Germany Helped Prep Russia for War

Germany Helped Prep Russia for War, U.S. Sources Say

Over the past few years, NATO countries have helped Russia revolutionize its armed forces. Now questions are arising about a German defense contractor that trained the Russian military.

The world was shocked when Russian special operations forces invaded Crimea with advanced technology, drastically improved operations, and with so much operational security that even agencies in the U.S. intelligence community didn’t see it coming. In Washington, government and congressional leaders are wondering how the Russian special operations forces got so good, so fast, without anyone noticing. Some are wondering how much help Russia had from the West.
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Мнения специалистов. Анализ расстрела Россией наших солдат из ГРАДов

1. Что требуется для организации стрельбы из "Града" с расстояния в 15 км? Как они так точно определили координаты?

Попробую объяснить так, чтоб было понятно для несведущих. Пост получится большой, но поучительный. Иначе нельзя раскрыть тему. Collapse )