September 24th, 2018

Ещё одного чеченца хотят выдать на растерзание Кремлёвско-Лубянковской ОПГ

Открытое письмо в защиту Ахмеда Алтамирова -


Публикую письмо, полученное сегодня из Боснии. Приглашаю всех неравнодушных к независимости Чеченского Народа подключиться и выйти на связь с автором письма (как и с Верховным Судом Боснии, принявшем позорное решение о выдаче просителя политического убежища Ахмеда Альтамирова).
"Dear Mr,
After addressing the President of the Chechen Institute in Paris and Mr. Main Plato, a member of the independent Chechen group for human rights, regarding the deportation of Chechnya political refugee Altamirov Akhmed, according to our available information we inform you that the case was decided by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, since the named person was in the extradition detention of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We obtained this information from the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Sector for International Legal Affairs assistance and cooperation.
Best regards,
Minka Smajević, Head of the Human Rights Protection Department
Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina"

Только что отправил ей вот это письмо: "Dear Minka,
Thank you for your reply and the information that you have provided.
However, the question is - to apply as much pression on the High Court to stop the extradiction.
The case of Mr Altamirov is purely political and so it is a gross breach of Human Rights to give him to Kremlin. I remind you that the majority of Chechen resistance veterans, deported to Russia before have died in russian prisons or desappeared...
I am looking forward to cooperating with you to make our efforts do save life of an innocent man more effective.
Yours sincerely, Adam Dervishev,
President of Association "Chechen Institute in Paris"."

Вот е-майл мадам Минка Смажевич, Президента Департамента по Защите Прав человека при Правительстве Боснии: