July 20th, 2019

Позор Канаде! Shelter Animals Should Never End Up In Research Labs

The practice of pound seizure for research is not only glaringly out of step with public opinion, it is out of step with modern science.

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) recently released the 2016 statistics on the use of animals in laboratories and the numbers are shocking. A total of 4,308,921 animals were used in Canadian laboratories in 2016, compared to 3,570,352 used in 2015.

At a time when development and use of modern non-animal methods is a burgeoning field in all areas of research, it is vexing that Canada had such a marked increase in the use of animals in experiments. What's more, the overall increase included a major jump in the use of dogs and cats along with high numbers of "random source" dogs and cats i.e. animals that may be collected from various sources including public shelters.

In 2016, 15,093 dogs were used compared to 9,573 in 2015 (58 per cent increase), and in 2016, 8,526 cats were used compared to 5,035 in 2015 (69 per cent increase). Of the 15,093 dogs used, 7,518 were recorded as "random source" and 345 from "unspecified" sources and of the 8,526 cats a full 7,659 were "random source" and an additional 273 from "unspecified" sources.

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