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An overviev on secret surviellance and harassment technolologies

Corrupt government agencies and their criminal contacts can covertly attack honest citizens especially those who criticize their criminal operations or conduct.
They can abuse these people using high tech satellite surveillance equipment as well as satellite-based psychotronic and directed energy weapons.
This is hidden from public scrutiny by bogus "National Security" laws drafted by the US government and its allies.
The complicit mainstream media co-operates fully because of the legal ramifications and the fact that (as with the bulk of the entertainment industry) it is criminally owned and managed.
  The result of all of this is that many innocent people who attempt to highlight important issues are silenced, isolated, discredited or institutionalized.

THE PRETENCE A "National Security"cover allows those responsible to PRETEND that their innocent targets are guilty of something… or under suspicion or potentially dangerous or anything that they can tell themselves to somehow justify the inhuman treatment they mete out to their enemies; in secret.
Their secret (usually remote, satellite-based) technology can track targets by many means, including by their brains unique electronic resonance frequencies. It can monitor audio-visually, inflict pain/disease, create or change moods and reactions, deliver computer-generated or relayed voices to the brain, read minds and cause other seemingly inexplicable happenings of an apparent psychic, paranormal or extraterrestrial nature.
  These secret weapons can cause targets to suicide, commit murders, be driven to madness and so on but most victims avoid these pitfalls and simply seek help from doctors, law enforcers, MP's, journalists etc. Even that is generally not a good move because ignorance, fear and complicity mean that little or no help is forthcoming from these people. For many (including MP's and journalists) a further pretence involves the self-delusion that this is all somehow necessary to hide the truth or silence certain opinions that are different to their own. This then accompanies their general denial that such horrific thing even happen let alone that they're involved personally.

PUBLIC FIGURES' ROLE Public figures are fed the results of 24/7 surveillance operations carried out on targets; the gathering, of their words, thoughts and actions.
Writers working for criminals/agencies sew the results into public figures speeches, scripts etc as they're gleaned from the surveillance. Celebrities may be told lies about the target or who/what the target is but, basically, they'll do it regardless (for money and opportunity).
People are screened (by the CIA etc) as they enter public life to ensure that they'll remain silent/co-operative/pliable. Most can be easily blackmailed/threatened by agencies/criminals and are simply puppets dangling from the "Godfathers" strings with "Big Brother" overseeing their operations and intervening when necessary.
All involved have sold out and sold their souls. Their conduct is illegal, indefensible, inexcusable and inhuman and they belong in prison for their part in it.
Even those merely acquiescing are accessories/accomplices because they're providing a "legitimate" cover for these criminal practices.

LAW ENFORCERS ROLE Police, like other professionals, are not officially told about any of this though some learn of it during their careers.
They are not told because…
(i) They themselves can be monitored/harassed by wealthy criminals, using the relevant technology, if they get too close to their operations (as one-time acting NSW Police Commissioner, Bev Lawson, confirmed for me personally). Knowledge of this would cause an outcry and a mass exodus from the forces. Similar monitoring occurs for ex-services personnel who leave with "classified" information about corrupt agency practices.
(ii) Police ignorance prevents honest law enforcers from believing/helping victims, thus discrediting and isolating them.

PSYCHIATRYS ROLE The psychiatric diagnostic manuals are (in part) written and set up by corrupt government agency personnel (especially in the U.S.A) so as to provide an easy means of discrediting people who complain about covert harassment. Psych students are basically taught that if you can't see it or it leaves no evidence it doesn't exist, didn't happen and the complainant must be delusional. Their position therefore protects government agencies and clever criminals, allowing the following injustices:-
(i) All complaints about covert harassment can be dismissed as "paranoia".
(ii) All complaints about voice to brain technology can be dismissed as"schizophrenia".
(iii) All complaints about media feedback of surveillance can be dismissed as "delusional".
(iv) All complaints about oppression, torture, abduction etc can be dismissed as "fantasy".
Most psychiatrists discredit complainants out of ignorance or self interest but others (including the spy agency psychiatrists who coined most of the numbered terms above) act with full knowledge and total malice. Some even work within the actual experimental programs that are designed to study human responses to "remote control" stimuli.
Those behind the programs help to create assassins and vegetables, conflicts and conspiracies, attractions or aversions, successes or failures… and all as an experiment for political/economic advantage.

Spoken or written opposition to criminal activity Intention to act as a vigilante or investigator
Fictional writing about corruption, war etc Intention to advocate real-life revolutionary action.
Natural anger at criminal harassment by public figures Intention to respond criminally yourself
Observing and commenting on what criminal public figures are doing Intention to join them in some way or other
Refusal to be "set up" by the media publicly Intention to hide something
Refusal to be manipulated in any way by criminals Intention to remain idle/useless
Association with fellow victims of high tech harassment Intention to adopt their beliefs, lifestyles etc
Natural, normal defences to remote harassment Intentions that are mad, bad, sad etc

"National Security" laws They protect us They're mainly a cover for the crimes of the gov't/military/corporate conglomerate
Spies They help and protect us They're mostly thugs working for oppressors
Conspiracy theories They're paranoid beliefs The world is run by (and for) co-conspirators (the mafia, the illuminati, the cosa nostra, the CIA, DIA, MI6, the mossad etc). They control the media and hence our perception/knowledge of their role
Public figures They're worthy of our respect/trust Many work for/with criminals in the drug trade, war promotion, ideas piracy etc. Most are phonies
Democracy We choose our representatives and they work for us All politicians are vetted by the CIA etc. At the entry, pre-election and election, stages, scandals/blackmail etc control them. They do what the wealthy criminals ask or they're out of office (or worse)
War, famine, poverty, diseases, illicit drugs All are unavoidable All could be greatly reduced if not eliminated (but it's not profitable to do so)

ADVICE FOR VICTIMS Live as normal a life as possible; work, play, socialise, pray. By doing this you partially thwart their monstrous remote control experiments.
Maintain the rage; continue to speak out and write about their crimes especially the hellish mistreatment they force people to endure. By doing this you defeat their attempts to silence and discredit you.
Speak only to honest, intelligent, courageous people about your own situation; to avoid frustration.
Cope and survive.
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