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The Sons of Satan. By Paul Baird.

Despite the defensiveness of groups suspected of having a secret agenda people will always believe that wherever there is concealment there could well be a conspiracy. Equally, if too many people are involved, you could have dissention due to conflicting views. This could lead to ultimate failure…Successful "plotting" therefore seems to be effected when certain privileged groups, clubs, fraternities or societies of like-minded, and wealthy, individuals band together to direct people and events to suit their own vested interests. Unfortunately such groups promote inequality, prejudice and often crime by their actions. These problems are the focus of this article. 

The higher profile groups, like political parties, religious organizations and so on, govern, to a certain extent, openly. They have large numbers of members. However the smaller, less well known, groups are often the worst in terms of prejudice, promoting their own through the ranks of any hierarchy, be it political, judicial, bureaucratic or whatever. By so doing such groups infiltrate and impose their views, standards and lifestyles on others in an underhanded, clandestine manner. Some have a finger in every pie. Along the way they alienate and destroy many who question or oppose their selfish goals. The groups or societies in question also seek to protect their operations using subterfuge and lies to enlist the unwitting help of those around them AND other criminal connections. The ostensibly innocent often damn themselves by their silence, their apathy, their fear.

For good or bad some of the better known clandestine societies include:- The Bildeberg Club, The Club of Rome, The Illuminati, The Mafia, The British Round Table, The Knights Templar, The Freemasons, The Trilateral Commission, The Council of Foreign Relations, The RIIA, The Travistock Institute, The KKK, The Skull and Bones Society and The Project for the New American Century. Many World leaders are members of these influential organizations. For example, failure to attend the annual Bildeberg Club meeting is said to all but ensure failure at the next national elections.

Additionally, there is an ever more worrying proliferation of criminally based networks of paedophiles, satanists, cultists, illegal researchers and so on. Each watches out for its own members and thereby allows them to prosper and multiply. The more of them there are in any field of endeavour, any sphere or sector, the more acceptable their ways and so the greater their influence. Many use various forms or terrorism to achieve their goals…

In the Middle East, the perceived hub or terrorism for us in the West, many brand the US as "The Great Satan". This is as much for their oppressive stance in the zone as for their perceived immorality. Certainly there's no denying that The New World Order is an American concept. Likewise, we in the west are encouraged to see Islamic/Arabic extremists from that region as devils; fanatics waging a cowardly, "holy" war based on religious differences. Their collective hatred is supposedly directed, indiscriminately, at Jews, Westerners etc. Neither extreme view is strictly correct and even then it only applies to some. However, both sets of leaders are, with their allies, guilty of manipulation, provocation and escalation. This has led to numerous, tragic acts of terrorism in recent years; the World Trade Centre disaster, The Bali bombings and so on. Whoever they are/were and wherever they're from they do/did Satan's work.

Now, "terrorism" is defined as the use of violence OR INTIMIDATION to achieve your goals. Therefore, the abhorrent use of psychological and emotional violence, pressure or harassment is just as much an act of terror as a violent hijacking or a suicide bombing. So, bloodless hostage crises, political or state repression/oppression, covert agency harassment, media fear campaigns etc are all acts of terrorism. Accordingly, the unregulated media mafia, the unchecked government spy agencies and so on should all be placed under careful scrutiny during any legitimate "war on terror". However we know why that won't happen. Most people fear corrupt media representatives and covert agency people (e.g. the CIA) more than anyone else, and with good reason. So much so that mere mention of their involvement instills such fear that it's an absolute conversation stopper; evidence of the worst terrorism imaginable. And unlike known terrorist networks they cannot be questioned let alone stopped. Of course, as the truth is always an early casualty anyway, the media/agency/crime figures involved replace it with whatever they choose; pointing away from themselves with suitable indignation and outrage.

Many of the US's enemies were trained and armed by the US. This, coupled with subsequent provocation of those enemies, must be recognized as part of the terrorism problem. The provocateur escapes detection then uses the retaliation as an excuse to escalate activity. The fact that money is generated by all of this is both a central and disturbing truth that is being largely ignored. If there was nothing to gain by it then it wouldn't happen. The public are also unaware that covert methods are used. For example…Regular readers of "Exposure" and now "Hard Evidence" will be familiar with the existence of high tech' satellite, microwave and ground based weapons such as thought scanners, advanced neurophones and the like. Unlike the deaf-friendly miraphone, modern neurophone based technologies are weapons used for state-sponsored crime effected by agencies like the CIA, NSA, DIA, and their criminal "business" associates. The technology allows operatives to use advanced computer programs and voice overs to deliver aural harassment/threats etc into the brains of millions worldwide via microwave and satellite. Satellite brainwave monitors and powerful computers (at secret facilities and relay stations) also allow for the deciphering of the targets thoughts, simultaneously. This will be explained more fully later on but suffice to say for now that the mind reading capabilities of the relevant technologies are another conversation stopper…not because of disbelief but because of fear.

The result of applying such techniques can be varied across the community. Prominent persons who hold terrible secrets may suicide, while unstable psychopaths and assassins may be driven to commit murder(s). Meanwhile, protestors, writers, human rights campaigners, whistleblowers etc may be severly traumatized by long term exposure to techno-based torture and oppression. The results can be discrediting. Some can even be wrongly institutionalized. Notably, nursing homes, asylums and jails house many victims. They are easy targets for illegal human experimentation but, interestingly enough, most who are targeted, have a "political" background. To debase anyone is bad enough but to exacerbate the suffering of such people is unbelievably cruel.

Yet another form of all too common terrorism is the media feedback of surveillance results. This is often facilitated by the state through MP's, agency personnel etc, who set up the spying, then relay the frequencies or pass on results. How it works is that any unwelcome (though private) comment leads to a response (directly with live TV/radio or later if not).

Your own words/views/thoughts/actions etc are thrown back at you from the surveillance, usually from the appropriate public figure or sector (with or without their knowledge). It often takes the form of a threat. For example, the writers 91 yr old Aunt, who lives at Parramatta, had a turn and was taken to Westmead hospital. The next day, as I prepared to take the final draft of this article to my typing service (near my Aunts home) I listened to the morning radio news. The no.1 item was about a 91 yr old Parramatta woman (not my Aunt) who'd died at Westmead hospital after a bashing outside her home. Investigation and subsequent reports revealed that the news details were (deliberately) incorrect. "They" search for coincidences, then time and prioritise the reports in an attempt to terrorise their targets. When all else fails they just make it up. The facts are wrong but the intention is clear.

The blame could be with whoever gets the surveillance results (solicited, intercepted etc). That may be a researcher, a writer, editor, stage manager, exec or presenter but all of them know what goes on. The presenter is usually blamed, at least initially. This can lead to the victim looking like an obsessed fan or something; a neat arrangement for discrediting people. Infact many have fallen for this trap. Some have even been wrongly institutionalised as a result of false complaints lodged by criminals/celebrities working for corrupt media empires. Despite the general public's suspicions most don't realise that the media's role in controlling knowledge, perceptions and beliefs extends to this sort of crime (against those who offend their criminal associates).

In any event, taking an undue interest in a non public figure to the point of spying on them (yet refusing to talk to them) reveals the foul intentions of all involved in such practices...and those journos that oppose it are unwelcome in mainstream media circles. So only those who are complicit or silent survive. Therefore, to give these media terrorists the benefit of the doubt, to trust anyone in the mass media once victimized in this manner, is to make a serious error in judgement. Lies are spread, recordings made and there is no privacy at all. One example of this involved a female whistleblower contending with corrupt media execs, at channel 7. They lodged a false complaint through their own media "crime stoppers" people with "friendly"/corrupt police. It was said that she was about to rob a bank. This stopped her whistleblowing and she hid in her house for fear of being framed/set up with weapons, drugs etc. The terrible realization that those you should be able to turn to for help are fully culpable themselves is shattering for most. Equally the culprits go into denial and, in any event, are beyond the reach of any frustrated/honest law enforcers who may offer to help.

Getting back to the governments themselves…with the legal/constitutional amendments taking place these days (supposedly only to combat terrorism) we now have a situation where innocent people can be framed/tortured/oppressed by the state with "terrorist watch" type excuses used to suppress the truth. Secretive societies, even groups of criminally connected "mates", can arrange this all too easily through their contacts…and a conspiracy of silence covers it up. It's an excellent way of victimising and isolating people.

To illustrate, recent responses to the September 11, (01) tragedy have seen civil liberties take a battering, bringing democracy itself under fire. Draconion laws have been passed and corrupt agencies are covertly targeting supposed suspects who I'm sure are (usually) nothing more than concerned citizens exercising their democratic rights. By "pretending" to doubt a target and refusing to talk with them agencies (like the CIA, DIA, MOSSAD, MI6, ASIS, ONA etc) can use their arsenal of "anti-citizen" weapons in a trial of how to terrorise/silence/discredit people. Those responsible remain "beyond reproach" using remote space-based technologies etc and quoting "National Security" as their justification for silence and the secrecy orders placed on the weapons themselves. As a result the public don't question this because they don't know the technologies exist.

So…we have a situation wherein patriotic, compassionate people who are raising awareness on important issues can not only be terrorized by government agencies (silenced on behalf of corrupt "business" interests) but they can also be falsely accused to justify the surveillance in the first place. The "Don't talk to them" attitude of the ruling class and associated "clubs" fuels the situation, along with their involvement in harassment directed at the targets who are usually totally innocent, of anything.

In the post cold war era crimes against citizens are becoming a more substantial part of agency operatives work. Protected agency/"business" operations (like the drug and arms trades, prostitution, paedophile networks etc) cannot be questioned without consequences, especially for ordinary, unconnected people. These same people can be offered up for experimental programs where techniques and technologies are employed to study how to control/silence them…The visible results could be anything from minor stress through to institutionalisation or even death. This, of course is in keeping with the M.O. of criminals who trade in human misery and murder (i.e. drug barons, arms dealers, terrorists etc).

This all leads to another question. Isn't failure to act on the part of an individual or agency part of the terrorist cycle? The technology mentioned could solve the terrorist problem but that's not what "they" want. Firstly, the space-based equipment available allows all telecommunications to be intercepted (Echelon), then there's the audio-visual monitoring of "persons of interest" and neurophone/brain-scanning of unconnected targets…So why experiment with whistleblowers and decent people of any sort while ignoring known terrorists? Maybe September 11 type tragedies are allowed or even orchestrated by some vested interest groups with agency connections; loathsome criminals who deliberately stir up trouble and actively work against prevention or apprehension. After all, Big Brother does see all. So, because any "agent" moving in the field would be spotted they use patsies and Manchurian candidates to do their dirty work and take the blame. This applies equally to individual assassinations (e.g. John Lennon's death) and terrorist acts (like September 11).

To control the flow of ideas and information "they" must control publishing, broadcasting and the mass media in general. So the number of popular, published authors is kept to a manageable level. These, in turn, feed off the plethora of unpublished material and, in the case of harassers, surveillance/agency information as well. This indicates something further about the systems by which organizations remain both prejudiced and hidden. The ugly truth is that freedom of thought/expression is an ideal not a reality. To dismiss writings is one matter. To harass/destroy the writer is another.

Now propaganda can, like consent, be total invention. Control of the mainstream media allows this to happen. Every media outlet is controlled otherwise classified information would be leaked to the general public. So "they" place or hire people to fill crucial roles and thereby ensure this. A good example was the recent Iraqi war, 2003. Debate raged prior to troop deployment, and in fact only three nations were actively involved, but once troops were committed to the fight the media was almost 100% behind the effort; the public reasoning being that our troops needed our total support. However, there's little democracy or common sense in that. The soldiers always have our sympathy/support anyway but the instigators of any conflict, on either side, need to be questioned on their motives before everyone just accepts war as a necessary evil.

The links between the Arabic political leaders and the terrorists, the weapons sales and build ups, the stated intentions etc were all too readily accepted, as presented. The money, the resources, the power up for grabs (on both sides) were matters not fully addressed. Only afterwards were better questions raised about the legitimacy of the whole affair. Why, for example, is there still no concrete evidence for the UN to support the action, even after the event? Why don't they all assist (through member nations) in the rebuilding of Iraq?

Another good example is in the area of dual purposes. Many satellites, for instance, have frightening abilities (to torment, mind rape and kill) but the public only hear about telecommunications, weather and recon capabilities. Similarly, people working as PI's, security guards, journalists, MP's etc can also work for and/or with "them", thereby compromising their legitimate work.

Clearly, suppression of information occurs at many levels, and the world stage really is full of excellent actors. They say all the right things; some even openly supporting charities, causes and so on but they secretly work in a conspiratorial fashion to destroy genuinely good people. As a result the truth may never surface on many matters esp. where those speaking out are emotionally, psychologically (even physically) tormented for their troubles. Public figures contend with threatened public ridicule/exposure (on other matters) for dissenting but non public figures can be tortured etc. Neurophones, brain scanners and directed energy weapons can create a mobile P.O.W situation that's indescribably oppressive. To even question the ruling class's crimes can leave some like modern day Galileos (under house arrest - figuratively) for merely expressing their views. All violence is wrong but State sponsored terrorism (emotional, physical or psychological) is the worst intimidation imaginable, especially when it's media backed.

It's claimed that the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. To control our minds they need acceptance and absorption (by the masses) of all the educational, media, government propaganda that we're exposed to. Those elements of the truth which, like public "acting", conceal the lies and deception are essential to their plans. So, in response, we need to read and see a little less and think a lot more. An example is the illicit drug trade; one of the scourges of most modern societies. Drugs are used to control/occupy both those in public life who indulge and those non public figures who follow their lead but cannot cope or even afford it long term. Following the money/control trail is a good indicator of who it is that's behind it. The most powerful vested interest groups, "societies" and individuals are, like the mass media that shapes our very thinking, linked to and/or controlled by organised crime and corrupt bureaucracies, through their agents/employees. These are the connections that point to the ugly truth.

The hardest thing to come to grips with is the breathtaking hypocrisy of our political/media/business leaders. Only complicit or compliant people reach the upper levels of these sectors so we find media identities denouncing terrorists on the one hand while at the same time (and sometimes with "feedback" in the same item) terrorizing their own fellow citizens who are genuinely concerned. Also, Western democracies, esp. the U.S, are guilty of gross hypocrisy on matters like terrorism, torture, harassment, false institutionalization, weapons of mass destruction, human rights, religious persecution and much more. For instance, there are no U.N weapons inspectors swarming over Defence/CIA/NASA facilities searching for evidence of advanced weaponry that's being tested on the citizenry. Yet the very strategies to covertly silence those who are awake to the truth are perfected by experiments - using these very same technologies. The average, decent citizen takes time to grasp the concept as it is evil on a scale that's difficult to accept. "They" count on that.

Individually, psychopaths like Martin Bryant and Timothy McVeigh can be manipulated/steered onto a collision course with their unsuspecting victims by monsters who brainwash/provoke them (using neurophone voices etc) to execute the events for which they take sole blame. Not only is there no authority to investigate the agency criminals behind it, but the public don't understand how, let alone why, such evil is fostered. The technologies are veiled by secrecy orders and the motives blurred by MP's and the media but there can be no excuses.

Pretend you've never used electricity or watched a plane in the sky. Forget all the modern inventions you take for granted. Now, if you were told about them by honest people with knowledge/experience would you believe it? Many technologies have military applications that their inventor didn't envisage. These can have secrecy orders placed on them and then only military bodies/contractors can work on developing and advancing them. Once developed these inventions can be tested and misused under a "National Security" screen of silence. Defence contractors, criminals, agency oppressors…all of these have access but not honest law enforcers or the general public.

For example, DARPA (The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has a program called LIFELOG which records TV viewing, photographs taken etc over a lifetime. Another is ECHELON, the NSA system that monitors all telecommunications worldwide. With Echelon advanced computers highlight communications "of interest" for human operatives. Those involved can then be placed on 24/7 audio-visual satellite surveillance as "people of interest". They can be MP's, personalities, activists, law enforcers, terrorists etc. On top of that the neurophone and brainwave scanning technologies facilitate the torture and mental rape of chosen targets.

Again, to reiterate (for those unfamiliar with what this means) U.S satellites can track/monitor anyone using tags, infrared, brainwaves etc etc. E.g. For brain/thought monitoring the evoked potential emitted by the brain is scanned then decoded/interpreted by U.S/GB/Israeli supercomputers with a brainwave vocabulary. Also neurophones relay noise/voices via microwave/laser delivery systems. The signal travels the nervous system to the brain (bypassing the ears). The two together provide a means of remote torture/interrogation/deceit.

Law enforcers (honest ones) cannot access this equipment but criminals in the agencies, in media circles, in politics etc can. Again, their defence is the "National Security"/"Classified" tag but most of them, as outlined in this article, are terrorists themselves.

We hear more of illegal research involving animals than people yet cancer cures, LSD trials, nuclear weapons testing and so on have all involved human guinea pigs. Even organ donors risk having more taken than they planned for. Horrific anecdotes have been relayed on this alone; stories involving hospitals, morgues, universities etc. In fact, so insidious and deceptive are their methods that "they" use statistics to encourage drivers to indicate their willingness to donate organs on their licenses. Ostensibly, that's fine but where's the guarantee that the donated parts go where they should and what of "the rest"? Interestingly, one recent TV ad for brain tissue donors focused on schizophrenia studies. This also smacks of another "cover" for illegal research. Their reassurances ring hollow.

These days the living guinea pigs for the experiments mentioned in this material are no longer just volunteers, students etc. Instead, people in institutions, helpless and alone, have been used and now anyone offending/questioning powerful criminals can be offered up to those involved in these experiments; studies in controlling other human beings remotely.

Unfortunately there is no human equivalent of the RSPCA. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR - Church of Scientology) and CAHRA (Campaign Against Human Rights Abuse) do their best without resources or a public profile but their impact on the problem is minimal. However, sadly, mans inhumanity to man has few limits. Things you wouldn't see done to a dog are done to humans in the name of science, love, religion and the money/control they generate. Thankfully no other species is so "intelligently" organised.

Again, writers of anti-crime works, whistleblowers, in fact any honest/decent people who exercise their rights to freedom of speech, thought, expression etc can be selected, (by their enemies), for these programs. This terrorises, silences and discredits them personally but more so it gives their tormentors opportunities to study methods of covertly influencing (and altering if possible) belief systems, actions etc. They hope to learn how to predict/normalize/control human behaviour. They thereby want to discover how to deal (covertly) with dissenters; people who see through the lies and propaganda and speak out against evil practices.

Other purposes for the "research" may be to enhance methods of computer/human interfacing to the point that computers can almost think like humans. In fact, the US navy's National Research Laboratory in Washington has already conducted extensive research on computer chips with living brain cells. Stolen memories can also be used for robotics, cloning and all manner of mischief including selling results to interested parties.

Long term dream analysis (a personal favorite of psychiatrists we're told) can also be carried out without reliance on the targeted persons recollections. Subliminal suggestions, even false memories (and the warping of surveillance results), can be planted in further attempts to influence human thinking and reactions. In addition, for creative targets, ideas can be stolen or implanted. For others still, fears/attitudes etc can be moulded by the lies they're told and so on.

The goons delivering all of this harassment/torture can also facilitate ancillary perversions such as gambling on the outcomes e.g. when will a targeted person lose their temper, their job, their partner, their life. Great fun for all concerned especially the filth that set the target up in the first place. In the case of opposite sex monitors still more evil "enjoyment" can be found. There is literally no limit to the level of degrading, humiliating treatment these monsters can dish out.

Cross sections of the community can also be tested as a group; usually without their knowledge e.g. crowd mood management during marches, elections, riots can be arranged/attempted using EEG feedback over a large area. And, of course, defence personnel are subjected to the testing of some very nasty lethal and non/lethal weaponry (on both sides). E.g. neurophones were used on Iraqi soldiers. Chemical, biological, even nuclear weapons can also be tested on troops.

Also, worth mentioning are the people who "disappear" (30,000 a year in Australia alone). You could be forgiven for wondering if some weren't spirited away to some hidden facility for more face to face type research, brainwashing etc. Runaways, custody pawns, murder victims, protected witnesses, criminals, enslaved victims and so on form the bulk of the numbers but I'm sure "science" takes its share. Those few who survive to return to loved ones may be deluded (e.g. by their U.S/"alien" captors) or worse still, programmed (like Martin Bryant) to commit horrendous crimes for reasons only the criminally insane could comprehend (they're usually political of financial reasons).

Although not too many remote targets can be successfully "triggered" to commit crimes like Bryant's they must still endure torture and deprivation of physical, emotional and mental liberty. For example, EM radiation/laser/microwave weapons can mimic signals emitted by the brain and nervous system. The relevant devices can also disrupt that system. The symptoms are coordinated (deliberately) to mirror mental illness which complicit psychiatrists diagnose, on cue, (as taught through agency modified texts).

Dr Stefan Possony (the "father" or Star Wars) said, in 1995, that "messaging directly into a target mind with low frequency waves" was possible. But this had been known for decades before that and he would have known it. Why the act? The suppression, then timely open expression of such information is of concern… Another control freak, John Alexander (a NATO chief) speaks of compulsory implants for newborns. This is an evil, insane notion yet its dangers have been ignored. In any event, it's unnecessary in one sense since mind modifiers, EEG feedback devices, neurophones, brain-scanner and radiation technologies can achieve total, submissive control of large sections of the citizenry without their cooperation or even their knowledge, in some cases. So, if political propaganda and media imaging fail, these devices are in reserve to effect obedience and conformity to the New World Orders ways of thinking. Yes they have ways…

Incidentally, Nazi/U.S scientist, Dr Herman P Schner, said: "There are no proven biological effects from electromagnetic radiation". More patent nonsense. Yet a colleague, Dr Schmitt, openly confessed to using a magnetic interpreted neuron duplicator on inmates at San Quentin prison where he was chief psychiatrist. Needless to say interference with potentially violent criminals can have dire consequences. Nevertheless, our jails, like our asylums, nursing homes, etc…are just playgrounds for the monsters behind all of this. For instance, it's no surprise to learn that NSW jails, at Goulburn and Junee, have large numbers of prisoners complaining of neurophone harassment (voices in the head). Junee jail is privately run by Americans who handpick their victims/inmates. The inmate (from Goulburn) who relayed this information in the first instance has been set up, robbed and so on for his troubles. False medical records have been prepared claiming he has a heart condition (just in case they want to dispose of him…) and a history of violence in Ireland (a country he has not even visited). Yet the same victim successfully introduced articles, patents and so on (relating to the high tech devices described herein) to a jury which supported his contention that they'd been used on himself and others. And this faced with a hostile judge, corruptible crown prosecutor and three government psychiatrists all of whom claimed total ignorance. Even armed with false psychiatric assessments (paid for by the state to discredit this man) they could not have him labeled as mentally unfit. Unfortunately, others harassed by neurophone voices have, on their eventual release from prison, either been set up or killed almost immediately.

Other interesting views on human research come from Mathew S Meselson who said "we'll learn how to manipulate every life process, genetic ones, mental ones, emotional ones" and Dr Robin Coupland who talks of "weapons that can cause psychosis, epilepsy, blindness etc." Instead of referring lovingly to such madness these "gents" would do well to follow the lead of Dr Rosalie Bertell who, instead, sympathetically and openly studied the victims of radiation weapons at Greenham Common. This was another despicable series of murders by "the state" aimed at peaceful anti nuclear protestors.

The fact remains that, overall, there is little open discussion (legal/moral) on neurotechnology, dream analysis, human cloning research, advanced (humanoid) robotics, directed energy weapons or any other diabolical programs which misuse modern technological advances at the expense of the citizenry. The law and the parliaments lag way behind…and intentionally so. Like the LSD trials and the nuclear tests decades ago we have protected military/agency operations going on which are removed from public scrutiny by secretive government/"business" bodies. The results are appalling, inexcusable evil directed at decent, honest people from all walks of life.

For the privileged few, the complicit, the silent, (including our "secretive" groups), the future is rosy. They'll survive unscathed and continue to mock those of us who their delusions tell them are inferior. "Inferior" because we think and act differently to themselves. This "inferior", largely law abiding, majority will of course have less to look forward to. Brainscanning technology is enough of a danger in itself.

To elaborate, aside from plans to cull the worlds population back to a manageable billion or two (and you won't feel a thing) the covert agencies are working towards total invasion of every home, every mind on the planet. Microchipping for security/ID purposes is only the next cover. The real motives are illegal research, larceny, perversion and total control, up to and including euthanasia/extermination through incurable disease/cancer etc. (By the way, one biblical interpretation refers to microchip enslavement of the world at the end of time). Today, astronauts submit to it for research and celebrities may agree for security purposes but the public agrees at its peril. Anyway, as said earlier, microchipping is unnecessary given the satellite-based technologies now available. It's a cover; another diversion.

Given all of this, you could be forgiven for entertaining fanciful ideas such as the thought that scientists could create human clones, insert stolen human memories (extracted via brainwave scanning) then use neurophone relayed instructions etc to get them to organise/ run the whole world on behalf of their faceless, criminal masters. However, given the enthusiastic way corrupt power brokers (MP's/journalists/"businessmen") make a sport out of destroying decent people (usually covertly) today that's probably an unnecessary scenario. Perhaps it is only an illustrative notion like the "one world government" described in my unpublished fictional novel, "In the year 2252" (1991). In that story, given there were no more kingdoms to conquer, no causes to unify the haves and have nots, no external distractions, no one to blame for anything (be it social inequity, drugs, weapons/space research etc) then an "alien" sham was viewed as being as good as any available to shift the blame and divert unwanted attention. In the fantasy agencies, military or otherwise, would use secret/classified technologies to disastrous effect then rally public support (to play hero) in a scenario of their own creation. Unfortunately that sounded a little too close to today's reality for their liking, especially in an age where provoked global terrorism was about to take centre stage…But apparently we don't need to know the truth. Others more trustworthy than us have it all under control. So, the 99% that would be sickened by the truth must simply defer to their greater wisdom.

(Progress in the war on psychological/emotional terror).

The 80's was to be the "decade of the brain" according to the U.S government. Unfortunately the secret research conducted was largely inhuman and counterproductive. Sadly it continues to this day, unchecked. This fact has been recognized recently by a number of prominent international organizations. These include The International Committee of The Red Cross, CAHRA (Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse), CCHR (The Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Church of Scientology) and CAMS (Christians Against Mental Slavery). Influential individuals like U.S senator (and ex-astronaut) John Glenn, U.S rep Dennis Kucinich and President Bill Clinton have introduced bills and so on which address the problems associated with illegal human experimentation, including the abuse of remote mind control weapons. However, to date, nothing has been done in reply. Everything is watered down.

Regardless, perhaps the two most significant moves have been made by the European Parliament and The United Nations. The European Parliament passed the "Resolution on the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy", A4 - 0005/99, Jan 28th, 1999. This called for a world wide convention to ban all weapons for human manipulation. Also the UN, through UNIDIR (the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research), recognised and listed "mind control" weapons, putting them alongside nuclear and chemical weapons as weapons of potential "mass destruction" because of the manipulative possibilities. The UN too wants an international treaty to ban these weapons. They published material for the world wide media to use/disseminate but they have failed to do so. Ask yourself why. In fact the media is more likely to warp public perception on matters like "mind control" than it is to inform them. For example, a recent TV program with that title, "Mind Control" (2003), focuses on hypnotism not high tech satellite interference. (See Addendum for a list of organizations and contacts re formal opposition to the weapons in question).

Because they anticipate further calls for treaties/bans on weapons for human torture and manipulation the US government is now systematically shifting responsibility for some of these technologies from the Defence Department to the internal Department of Energy. This is to evade the impact of any treaty/ban. Secretary of Energy O'Leary has apparently admitted that half a million US citizens (at least) have already been experimented on without their consent (or knowledge in the case of most). This confession alone should rank the emotional/psychological/physical torture and terror involved alongside anything orchestrated by a Dr Mengele, a Saddam Hussein, an Idi Amin or any other fiend for whom "crimes against humanity" are mere recreational pursuits. They can call it conditioning or any other euphemism they like, the fact is the victims are true "prisoners of conscience", to apply a term Amnesty International uses for physical, political prisoners, short or long term, (e.g. well known ex victims like Pauline Hanson and Nelson Mandela). Again, because our media is controlled by complicit vested interest groups they not only remain silent on such matters but are likely to exacerbate a victim's pain by actively participating; contributing to the suffering of targets with lies/deception, surveillance feedback and more. With no regulation or watchdog, with no empowered law enforcement agency to investigate and no politician free of fear of favour it's little wonder that the UN has been largely ignored on these matters…so far.

In my own view the greatest (and worst) inventions of all time have been facilitated by the microchip. The brain scanning (mind reading) technologies alone represent the greatest threat to the "free" world that there has ever been. Aside from theft, oppression, torture, manipulation, military/political conquest and control, the horrific human rights abuses (starting with the most intrusive invasions of privacy) make these devices horrific/evil beyond the comprehension of most people. Some I've spoken to say they cannot imagine anything more frightening than mental rape. But when the corrupt agencies eventually run their "Thought Police" scans over the entire planet (in the same way Echelon monitors all telecommunications already) then anyone even doubting what they're told by those in high places will draw "special attention" from human operatives. And this before they even mouthe their concerns let alone convey them in a written form. This one alone could enslave the entire world and change it, for the worse, forever. Oppression/repression will lead to complete suppression. Freedom of thought, speech and expression of any sort will be only a memory (and probably a forbidden one at that). Democracy will become even more of a facade/farce than it already is, a system where attempts to exercise your democratic rights can lead to you losing them altogether. Differences of opinion on matters relating to crime/corruption already top the list.

Even the silent majority who do, say or think only what they're told (deviating only between a narrow band of opinions) could be affected. The one safe democratic right, the right to vote for one of two "controlled" political parties (the rest incapable of forming governments), can be influenced unduly, not only by propaganda/lies but by mood/thought management technologies that people are unaware of. This raises an ancillary matter. In such an environment (which we call a democracy) is it democratic to make any service/duty compulsory? Electoral duty (voting), judicial duty (jury service) and military duty (where there's national service) are all (or can be) compulsory. Yet to vote for political representatives, take part in court proceedings or fight a foreign war without reference to personal (informed) opinion is anything but democratic. If the systems and individuals in question draw justifiable criticism or rejection that should be addressed not sugar coated by compulsory endorsement. Also, from my observations, class, cultural, religious and ideological "cleansing" can be carried out very slowly, over time, using stealth and deception. For example, very few whistleblowers seem to have children once they're criminally harassed. The ones that do wind up having those children harassed as well (some from birth). In the long run society's views can be altered to correspond with what the ruling elite believe, and few will be any the wiser. Those still disagreeing will become afraid to even express their views; especially when they see the dire consequences for others. We are being told not to think, only react…and react as expected, or else.

In such a situation those in the affluent west who have a conscience are also silenced on certain matters; powerless to help the starving, diseased, war ravaged and oppressed peoples of the rest of the world where 25,000 die of starvation alone every day. Today, opponents of all manner of injustices are ridiculed, set up, robbed, (mentally) raped, tormented and often totally destroyed (usually in private) using high tech. Our media and political identities are often at the heart of the problem (or sympathetic with the criminal activities in question) so they will not intervene. Yet again, it is vital to understanding the problem that the reader realises that "they" vet all who enter public life; especially in politics and the mainstream media. Only the corruptible, malleable and fearfully silent are tolerated. If confronted these people feign ignorance and delude themselves into believing they are not to blame; being beyond reproach. Meanwhile mass media surveillance feedback (including sly references to private words/actions/thoughts) is responsible for the grief of many targeted individuals. And the writers can't be blamed in isolation. What of the sources? And what of the actors, singers, presenters that deliver the pain? "It's my job"…"I only read it"…"I do what I'm told" "I didn't know". None of these is a real/legitimate excuse. They are used to drive a wedge between victims and any source of assistance.

From my perspective, our secret societies, our vested interest groups either order, effect or allow all manner of ills in our world today. The web of conspirational arrangements woven perverts justice and creates class resentment. Honest endeavour is to be mocked by thieves in high places and those speaking of justice? Ridiculed AND crucified…

Again, for those unaware of the fact - Big Brother is NOT the law. He's the agent/criminal who thwarts the law enforcer. He works for the drug baron, the arms dealer, the oppressor etc. So the old argument that you don't need to be alarmed if you're doing nothing wrong is seriously flawed. You don't have to do anything wrong; Big Brother and his associates are the wrong doers and they monitor/harass those who question their crimes. Law enforcers should have the resources to investigate these high tech crimes but the criminals monitor them too and so stay "one step ahead". This should change but I suspect it won't.

As for those that Big Brother fosters, obeys and protects, (those removed from the sane, moral world by the exaltations of position, power and science)…Technology allows them to see and hear from afar, to monitor through all obstacles, to read men's minds and create/destroy life itself in ever more bizarre ways…but they are not Gods. They are motivated by greed not altruism, by hate not love…and standing on a podium or sitting behind a desk and pretending to be something they're not, no matter how good the act, is ultimately transparent to more and more, despite the media staging. Meanwhile, for the majority, those that can't explain let alone create whole universes, God cannot be removed from the picture no matter how inconvenient that may be for "them". Theories which seem to credit our existence to some sort of cosmic accident, no matter how fancifully described, don't work for us. Yet for others it's as if they legitimise the prevailing system, the law of the jungle, by endorsing such theories/beliefs. Well we have it already; a world where crime pays and the groups/societies behind it influence every sector in the community. Deluding themselves into actually believing that they are rightfully above the law, and therefore not subject to it, these people have nothing but disdain and derision for anyone suggesting that integrity and fair play should be the norm. An honest, level playing field is not their idea of good sport.

Finally, for true believers, our free will is God given. May I suggest that secretive organizations and individuals wishing to take his place (and remove that gift) band together… Lacking integrity, conscience, faith or good intention they proclaim all things are possible for man. All things good or evil or both? I think we know. So perhaps a more correct title for such a collection of rogues would be "The Sons of Satan" because, whether they believe in him or not, they're following in his footsteps.

Our democratic and human rights are in jeopardy, right now. A total loss of privacy, dignity and control in our own lives is on the horizon. For many it's already here. The New World order will eventually enslave us, one way or another, and it's not a conspiracy theory it's a reality. They mould things to suit their own purposes yet the rest of us are told "you can't change the world". No reversals, only "progress". Progress for who? And at who's expense? To object is to invite terrorists into your life; to silence/torture/discredit you.

Affluent onlookers are unaffected and so ignore the dangers for others and the shameful truth is hidden by political/media/business groups. They protect the ugly operations described in this article (just as "they", in turn protect them). Dialogue is avoided, especially where majority views and interests simply don't rate. The answers are also unclear for the individual but silence is definitely not one of them. It is for the UN and similarly empowered bodies to stand up to this openly and publicly. Those promoting evil, perverting justice and suppressing the truth must be held accountable and stopped.


684 CR 535


LYNN SURGALLO, Peace / H.R. Activist and former Vice President US Psychotronics Association,

Joan Farr Heffington, Association for Honest Attorneys, (AHA),

Dr John Hall

Derrick Robinson, FFCHS,

Deborah Dupre, ICESH, HR journalist, The Examiner,

Tags: mind control, психотронное оружие

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