irwi99 (irwi99) wrote,

The Europian Court of Human Rights: Investigate and outlaw Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment

This is importent because it is a crime against humanity. The victims in Europe can't find help or support anywhere. I am a victim of these covert torture programs myself. And I am fighting for my own and other victims lives. We are innocent people destroyd by all means possible. The goal is our death. We have no longer a single human right. Anything, included murder is done to us, and there is no place to go for help or shelter. The police will not help. The media, not even the alternative ones will not write about it.. Your politicians will not help. The womens shelters will not help. Nor your doctor, family and friends. It's reason to believe that organized life insurace fraud is a part of this horrific scam. This nightmare is the reality for thousands of innocent people all over the world. We live in so called democratic western countries. But have no rights to freedom, safety, privacy or protection against crime. The way we are treated are against the law is every modern state. It's a shame and should be focused on. And stopped.
Tags: court, mind control, petition, ЕСПЧ, петиция, психотеррор, психотроника, психотронное оружие
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