irwi99 (irwi99) wrote,

To free wrongfully convicted Pavlichenko`s to life imprisonment ...

we petition the obama administration to:
To free wrongfully convicted Pavlichenko`s to life imprisonment and extend the scope of Magnitsky bill to Ukraine

We, the undersigned

- Denied entry to the United States: Anatoly Mogilev, chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Bondarenko, judge; Alex Krikun Gen head of the Department of Public Safety Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Vasily Farinniku chief of the investigation department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Rybka, investigator and other individuals involved in human rights and freedoms, criminal tampering cases, torture, covering up those falsified the criminal case, and the judges who refused to accept the evidence of innocence Pavlichenko`s and condemned them to life imprisonment

- Arrest accounts in U.S banks of these persons

- Investigate the involvement of the Dutch company Gooioord BV to bribery of prosecutors, police, judges
Created: Jan 26, 2013
Tags: court, crimes, petition, usa, США, Сергей Магнитский, Украина, петиция, преступление, суд
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